I live + work among tall trees + blackberry brambles just north of Seattle. I provide creative services for small + medium-sized companies—developing + delivering original content through digital movies, live events + learning designs. I also write books—where book is a fluid concept—for teenagers, youth workers, parents + other adults.   

I named my practice The Tiny Company Called Me because if you hire me, you get me (+ a friend or two as needed).

Write any time, day or night, with comments + questions. I'll do my best to get back to you quickly.

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When I remember to print business cards (not often this century) they say I'm a content designer. Just what sort of content is expressed in titles like The Justice Mission (with the International Justice Mission), the Good Sex curriculum (with Kara Powell), 10 Things We Should Never Say to KidsPosers Fakers + Wannabes (with Brennan Manning), How to Volunteer Like a ProRaising AdultsCompassionate Kids (with Compassion), The Youth Worker’s Guide to Helping Teenagers in Crisisfollowed by the Parent’s Guide + the Volunteer’s Guide, all with Rich Van Pelt) + Good Advice (with Todd Temple).

For folks drawn to business spiritually engaged, I edited the now-defunct but pretty-good-while-it-lasted InsideWork website. 

If you could see in the dark, you might have spotted me behind the scenes at DCLA (with YFC), or Grow For It, The National Resource Seminar, The Core, The The National Youth Workers Convention + YS Team Training (all with Youth Specialties).

I still collaborate with Youth Specialties + Compassion + with newer friends at Amor, Big Table, and others too shy to be mentioned here.



I launched The Tiny Company Called Me on January 1, 1999—though, in the spirit of clarity, I've been delivering freelance work since the mid-70s. 

Before 1999, I worked at a film + video house in Colorado Springs where, among other duties, I guided the story development for a quarterly video magazine for youth workers. I was, in those days, known as the EdgeTV Guy to a small but passionate crowd of men + women working with teenagers.

Before that, I was a card-carrying youth worker in Solana Beach, California + Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Before that, I worked at a printing company + before that for a marriage encounter group (not to be confused with the Marriage Encounter movement from which it was knocked off).

Before that, I worked briefly as a day-laborer to pay the rent while I searched for a job where I could write while the sun was up.

Before that, I was with a grandly named parachurch outfit with worldwide aspirations (but a modestly regional budget). I spent much of my time there learning to develop content + plan learning events + I was lent part time to work with teenagers at a little church on the south end of Atlanta.

Before that, I studied sociology at Cal State San Bernardino + worked with teenagers at a smallish church, where (for me) every night was amateur night.

Before that...a kitchen, a college bookstore, a fish market, a boat shop... the usual.