Creative + production Services

I provide content design, creative services, and production services for small + medium-sized companies and 501(c)(3)s. 

On my own time, I develop and deliver original content through digital movies,  books + learning designs

A lot of my work has been for teenagers, youth workers, and  parents. The work I do for business clients generally has their company name on it, not mine.

I named my practice The Tiny Company Called Me because if you hire me, you get me (plus a friend or two as needed).


Intelligent Stranger

My work as an intelligent stranger starts with an invitation to enter somebody else's space, where I observe and ask questions until I can make sense of what I'm seeing and hearing.

Then I report what I find and make recommendations for solving problems and seizing opportunities.

My Intelligent Stranger skill set includes...

  • hard-core openness

  • relentless curiosity

  • playing dumb

  • sustained attention

  • fearless listening

  • pattern recognition

  • telling the truth to the limits of my ability

Because soft skills are very hard for many leaders, it’s good to know there’s an Intelligent Stranger available for lunches, phone calls, venting, spitballing, mediation, crisis response, networking, special projects, brainstorming and blue sky mining. Honestly, it’s not always easy to know how to charge for some of these services. It usually works out.


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I launched The Tiny Company Called Me on January 1, 1999. 

Before 1999, I worked at a film + video house in Colorado Springs where, among other duties, I guided the story development for a quarterly video magazine for youth workers. I was, in those days, known as the EdgeTV Guy to a small but passionate cohort of people working with teenagers + families.

Before that, I was a card-carrying youth worker in Solana Beach, California and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Before that, I worked at a printing company, and before that for a marriage encounter group (not to be confused with the Marriage Encounter movement from which it was knocked off).

Before that, I worked briefly as a day-laborer to pay the rent while I searched for a job where I could write while the sun was up.

Before that, I joined a startup 501(c)(3) with global aspirations attached to a modest, regional presence. I spent much of my time there learning to develop content and plan learning events. They also lent me, part time, to work with teenagers at a little church on the south end of Atlanta.

Before that, I studied sociology at Cal State San Bernardino and worked with teenagers at a smallish church, where (for me) every night was amateur night.

Before that...

a kitchen

a college bookstore

a fish market

a boat shop...

you know, the usual.