Content Design involves helping folks deliver words, pictures, products, services + experiences. The deliverables are...

  • digital movies — from a few seconds to feature-length documentaries

  • web content, books, learning designs, ad copy + brochures….

  • simple websites - when doing it myself seems faster, easier, less expensive, or for some other reason expedient

  • events, large + small — often joining an event team to design and/or deliver one piece of a bigger show

Intelligent Stranger

The work of an Intelligent Stranger begins with an invitation to enter somebody else's space. Intelligent Strangers try to make sense of what they see + hear with the fresh sensibilities of a curious, thoughtful, outsider.

The job of Intelligent strangers includes noticing + reporting that a princess may not dead but sleeping; 

— that a frog may be just one kiss from becoming a prince; 

— that, despite murmurs to the contrary, a certain emperor may be stark naked.

Being a professional intelligent stranger is partly a way of seeing + partly a skill set — in my case, the skills have developed over decades collaborating with people who lead businesses and 501(c)(3)s.

The Intelligent Stranger skill set includes practices like...

  • intentional openness

  • relentless curiosity

  • playing dumb

  • sustained attention

  • fearless listening

  • pattern recognition

  • iterative design thinking


    cubing ::: 3-Dimensional thinking for leaders + teams

    Cubing is a collaborative evaluation, design + planning experience — I call it Cubing because it help leaders + teams think about their work in three dimensions, and from something like three dozen points of view. Cubing works with the collective store of insider knowledge, experience, insights + wisdom in a way that's more thorough + long-lasting than anything an outsider can bring to the table.

    IMG_5702 2.jpg

    Someone asked how many discreet angles are covered in a Cubing Intensive.

    Until that moment, I’d never bothered to count. The eight surfaces of the cube, inside and out, makes 16. What happens if we say those surfaces are see-through? That’s another 16. And if we examine the three-dimensional space where the cube exists...? All of which is only what we can see. What about sounds? textures? aromas? tastes?

    In Cubing, we examine our work from dozens of angles; dream up new products, experiences + services; refine operations, design succession plans… you name it!

    I’ve led Cubing Intensives with sole proprietors, small business partners, management teams, marketing units, media companies, 501(c)(3)s + operations, project, product design + event teams.


    For leaders, sometimes it’s just good to have an Intelligent Stranger in your contact list for lunches, phone calls, venting, spitballing, brainstorming + blue sky mining.