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Are you trying to raise children or adults? Jim Hancock's generous, straight-forward, good-humored, examination of the different life perspectives of current generations challenges worn-out assumptions and creates common ground to help parents train their kids to accept responsibility and behave as adults-in-good-standing. 

RAISING ADULTS includes an intensely practical 30-day guarantee that can transform relationships between parents and offspring of any age. The secret sauce is "doing nothing" — by which he means putting an end to toxic behaviors that turn households into generational war zones.

RAISING ADULTS is a lot of things, but one thing it's not is judgmental—toward parents or their offspring. The big idea has almost nothing to do with fixing people. Instead, it's about starting from where we are (as distinct from where we think we're supposed to be), asking for do-overs where we need them, and moving forward with greater self-awareness and a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness of every child and every parent.